How to drink shochu

Since straight shochu has a high alcohol content, it is best consumed with a chaser. It is best to drink with a chaser (an occasional sip of water.) Clean taste shochu has to be chilled. Rich tasting shochu should be drunk at room temperature. Shochu a quintessential Japanese spirit alcohol. To know more about this great Japanese alcohol, including the many ways to enjoy it, please. But often in Japan, particularly in Kyushu, the country's southernmost island, the drink of choice is shochu. This distilled spirit, with centuries of history behind it.

Shochu, like other spirits, can be enjoyed a number of ways. It can be fun to experiment with the different options for drinking shochu. Straight (neat). This is the. 28 Mar - 4 min - Uploaded by JapanShochuOfficial There's no one correct way to drink shochu. There are several different ways of drinking. Even when I started drinking it I was working as a sommelier so at the time was drinking more wine as it was part of my work. Now I drink more shochu than wine.

Honkaku shochu is the most premium form of shochu - single distilled. Honkaku shochu is generally bottled at about 25% alcohol, which is higher than sake or. It was there where I realized just how Kyushu shōchū is. Having traveled alone, I went in a bar near my hostel looking for a drink to sip while. Shochu is a Japanese traditional hard liquor, distilled spirits made from grains and vegetables. The most common base ingredients are sweet potato, barley, rice. It is not uncommon for multiple-distilled shōchū, which is more likely to be used in mixed drinks, to contain up to 35% alcohol by volume. Drinking method is beautiful to look at–and could help mask the taste of burning alcohol. First, let me get this off my chest: I hate shochu. I can't.