Oregon runner who celebrated too early

13 Apr - 29 sec - Uploaded by moshebest Oregon Runner Celebrates Too Early, Ends Up Losing the Race 1 guess that guy doesn't. 15 Apr - 1 min - Uploaded by Global1 News Network University of Oregon runner Tanguy Pepiot lost his race at the Pepsi Invitational after. 13 Apr - 31 sec - Uploaded by CBSN A college track star in Oregon took a hit on his pride after celebrating a little too early toward.

It was a brutal way to lose for Oregon's Tanguy Pepiot. College runner celebrates like crazy before the finish line, loses race by a foot. Oregon Runner Who Celebrated Win Too Early Honestly Gets What He Deserves. Oregon runner Tanguy Pepiot started celebrating his victory in a men's steeplechase a little too early over the weekend. The problem is he had not yet finished the race and Meron Simon of Washington used Pepiot's celebration as an opening to use his last burst.

With a healthy lead and the finish line in site, the University of Oregon runner began to celebrate, geeing on the 3, strong crowd lining the. Here are videos of runners celebrating too early - and other runners University of Oregon runner Tanguy Pepiot thought he was racing to a. Pepiot is a runner for the Oregon track team, and was all set to win the men's steeplechase at the Pepsi Team Invitational this week. Tanguy Pepiot, a steeplechase runner for the University of Oregon, had a clear Runner learns a hard lesson after celebrating win too early. This Oregon runner surely learned an embarrassingly difficult lesson in humility after his premature celebration backfired.

American Molly Huddle celebrates too early & loses bronze medal in world celebrated their wins just a bit early including an Oregon runner. A University of Oregon runner got a little ahead of himself at the recent Pepsi Team Invitational — and by “got a little ahead of himself” we mean. Oregon Runner Gets Passed At Finish Line As Result Of Pepiot began to wave his hands to fire up the crowd as he jogged toward the finish. 13 Apr - 28 sec UW's Meron Simon won the steeplechase in last weekend's Pepsi Invitational in unlikely.

Celebrating before the goal line is something weve seen all too often in college gkurho.tkntly, this happens in track, too. Oregon senior. Oregon runner Tanguy Pepiot thought he won the meter steeplechase over the This Is Why You Should Never Celebrate Too Early. Join the rest of a riveted Internet audience in rooting for this guy to lose. Deadspin spotted Ironman Athlete Celebrates Too Early, Nearly Wastes over 70 Miles of Hard Work Oregon's Ehab Amin deserves an Oscar after this performance. While competing in the men's steeplechase event, University of Oregon runner Tanguy Pepiot raised his arm to celebrate his victory as he led.